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The World Health Organization classifies Nigeria as one of the countries with less than 5 Doctors per 10,000 population. This is likely to worsen as more doctors and other medical professionals continue to leave the country in search of greener pastures. Those who remain, are highly concentrated in the Urban communities and luxurious health care facilities.

This in itself makes it pretty difficult for persons living in the suburban communities, rural areas and slums to enjoy access to quality and affordable healthcare. Sometimes, all they require to stay healthy is medical advice but access to Medical professionals is so difficult. Many of these persons result to self care or even abandon their health.

The Health Volunteers Nigeria Initiative is addressing this inequality gap through our Community Health Outreaches targeted at Underserved Communities and indigent populations. These outreaches offer first-hand care and provide sustainable health information for people in those communities thereby improving the overall Community Health of residents.

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Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision

An inclusive public health for all Nigerian Communities


We recognize our team members and beneficiaries as members of One large single family. Hence, everyone is treated with love, care and respect in all interactions.

Our Mission

To deliver sustainable health services to indigent Nigerians especially those living in underserved communities and hard-to-reach areas.

To bridge health gaps through targeted community health programs involving education, advocacy and outreaches.

To collaborate with relevant stakeholders to improve healthcare accessibility to all Nigerian communities


We respect the varying ideologies & beliefs of our beneficiaries and team members and we build on our strongest unifying bonds in creating a lasting mutually beneficial relationship.

Our Work

What We Do

Medical Outreaches

Our team of Medical volunteers take required basic medical services including consultation, diagnosis, dispensary and sensitization to underserved communities and hard to reach areas.


We project our voices to social causes which will enhance individual / community health, strengthen the Nation’s health systems or increase funding for the health sector.


Our team organizes training programs to empower people with relevant skills and knowledge which are relevant to living a healthy life and changing their communities positively. These trainings range from Nutrition to personal hygiene, effective community sanitation and lots more.


We prioritize education as we believe that it is the most sustainable way to empower our communities to maintain a healthy living. Through our Health Education sessions, we empower individuals and communities with Health information basically for preventive healthcare. We believe that the best way to curb diseases is in its prevention rather than treatment or other forms of management.


This is our Social Enterprise service. Individuals or Organizations who want to host Medical Outreaches or other health-related events can engage our team as volunteers for a token. However, the costs of equipment and consumables will be fully borne by the sponsoring body. Proceeds from this, are channeled as support funding for our Free, Community Medical Outreaches.


We organize charity yard events as a way of supporting the overall wellbeing of our communities. At these events, individuals and families are able to get access to many other things which they need to live better lives. This in turn improves the mental and overall wellbeing of our beneficiaries.

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