10 Ways to Manage Your Diabetes this Yuletide

Diabetes remains a challenge for a diabetic patient whether it’s yuletide or not. However, this should not hinder you from the celebration with your friends and family. In fact, like everyone else, a diabetic can have a great yuletide.

Here are Ten tips to help you manage your condition effectively while we holiday.

Always Have a Meal Plan

Meal Plan


Having a plan is the best for you at all times. When joining a feast, it may be perfect to call your host ahead and find out what food will be prepared. This will help you make plans to go along with healthy foods that can complement it.


Stay Hydrated

Drinking Water helps to improve your efficiency. A recent study proves that drinking water is associated with eating fewer calories, less sugar, salt and cholesterol. Though, more research remains ongoing to establish the claims, one will not dispute the fact that it is best to choose water ahead of all the sweetened drinks that will come your way this holiday.


Never Miss Your Meals


There is a high tendency that you get so busy with preparing all the sumptous delicacies ahead of the family feast. This may also mean that you are spending time to beautify the house or rearrange things. While you do all of this, never wait till the end to have your regular meals. Normalize taking a break to have your meal. It’s the best thing to do always.

Portion Control


What you eat is as important as how much you eat of it. Yes, there is so much to eat this season but who says you must eat them all? Apply moderation and eat in healthy, appropriate portions only.

Stay Active

While you choose to stay home with your family, be careful to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Consciously engage in moderate physical activity which includes but no limited to using the stairs, cycling, walking and other forms of exercises. Spend at least 30 minutes each day for conscious Physical Activity. That’ll help you ensure you are on track.

Check your Blood Sugar Regularly

Always go along with your Glucometer and strips even when you have to stay for long periods out of the house. There is no inappropriate place to check your blood sugar. Please check as often as your doctors have advised. The festivities is not an excuse to relapse.

Avoid Alcohol and Sugary Drinks

Family and friends will merry with Alcohol and all the fizzy drinks over the table. You have a choice to prioritize your health above all. Take alternative healthy drinks that will not impact negatively on your health. Of course, that’s why there are a variety of drinks, some of which are roots, nuts and Vegetable based too. Choose wisely.

Never Skip Your Medications

You may need to put a portion of your medication into a bag while you go out (if it’s bulky). Your medications are an essential part of the care that you need this festive season. Use them appropriately and at the right time regardless of where you are. There is no wrong place to take your medication.

Choose Food Wisely

A consistent choice of unhealthy foods may harm you. Ask your Dietitian for advice on foods that impact less on your blood sugar.

Get Back on Track

You are likely to have a food setback even when you try to take caution. When this happens, do not spend time feeling guilty. Mistakes happen and are part of your growth process. Take your mind off it and focus on getting it right at your next meal. Just Focus, Get back on track already.

Have a joyous Celebration Family

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  1. Damilola
    December 26, 2020

    This is really helpful, thank you for writing this.

    • HVNaija
      December 26, 2020

      Really glad you found it helpful. Please stay tuned for more enlightening posts.

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