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Health Volunteers

Health Volunteers Nigeria Initiative is a registered Non Government Organisation with registration CAC/IT/NO 137415. Founded in 2018, we are a non-profit organization committed to enhancing healthcare reach for indigent people especially those living in underserved communities in Nigeria. We are of the belief that everyone should be capable of living productive and healthy lives regardless of where they live or other socioeconomic statuses.

We achieve this through Medical Outreaches, Advocacy, Training and Education (M.A.T.E) approach. Health Volunteers Nigeria Initiative was established to bridge the inequality gaps that exists in healthcare reach and delivery across the different socioeconomic strata in Nigeria. Our team

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Vision, Mission, And Core Values

Our Mission

    1. To bridge health gaps through targeted community health programs involving education, advocacy and outreaches.
    2. To deliver sustainable health services to indigent people living in underserved communities and hard-to-reach areas in Nigeria.
    3. To collaborate with relevant stakeholders and well-meaning individuals and corporate organizations,to enhance community health.


We recognize our team members and beneficiaries as members of One large single family. Hence, everyone is treated with love, care and respect in all interactions.


We respect the varying ideologies & beliefs of our beneficiaries and team members and we build on our strongest unifying bonds in creating a lasting mutually beneficial relationship.


An inclusive public health for all Nigerian communities.