Do You Sleep Naked?

Do you sleep naked? 😉😋 Quality sleep is very good for your brain. Certain studies have revealed that lowering your skin temperature helps to increase the depth and quality of your sleep. Consequently, there will be a reduction in the number of times you wake up in the night. Of course! Stripping naked is great […]

Life with Crohn’s Disease

Having a Chronic Illness Sucks and It Never Stops Sucking My life with Crohn’s Disease Me last week, in the hospital while on vacation. Having a chronic illness sucks. It sucked when I was first diagnosed as a college freshman, and it sucks today as a 34-year-old woman. It sucks every single day and it will never […]

Isale-Eko families battle malaria!

REPORT OF PROJECT ‘’ZERO MALARIA’’ ISALE-EKO, LAGOS Organization: Health Volunteers Naija (HVNaija) Supporting Organization: Al-Mukhliseen Islamic Society of Nigeria Project Site: Church Street, Isale-Eko, Lagos Island Local Government, Lagos Date: Sunday 25th November, 2018 Project Description: Community sensitization to encourage proper home/environmental sanitation and voluntary,regular medical check-up. The talk also aims at encouraging indoor residual […]

Why was i so angry today?

I GET ANGRY WHEN I HEAR, MALARIA Sunday 25/11/2018, I led the HVNaija team of young medical professionals on a 1-day medical outreach aimed at dealing a blow on Malaria, and helping the Isale-Eko community improve their health consciousness. Well, that’s not a big deal na! Why should I even mention it? Sincerely, this is […]

Why the noise?

Two years ago, I joined an outreach in sagamu which was aimed at getting people to know their HIV status. While free tests were available, a number of people shied away because they believed they weren’t susceptible to it (lemme roll my eyes here) some others felt taking the test meant they didn’t trust their […]

Why is my tongue burning?

Why is my tongue burning? Last reviewed Tue 23 Oct 2018 By Jayne Leonard Reviewed by Elaine K. Luo, MD According to the American Academy of Oral Medicine (AAOM), approximately 2 percentof people in the United States have BMS. It can affect the following parts of the mouth: tongue the roof of the mouth inside […]

The Future of Healthcare is……..

Kevin E. Lofton; CEO at Catholic Health Initiatives The future of health care is well care You might be surprised to learn that about 60% of our overall health and well-being has nothing to do with the medical care we receive. It’s connected directly to behavioral, environmental and social factors – everything from access to […]

Cervical Cancer………Why worry?

By Opeyemi Oyerinde, Certified Nurse Many are familiar with the saying prevention is better than cure but to my surprise many don’t follow this through. Cervical cancer remains a deadly disease affecting women in Nigeria. It’s the second most common cancer affecting women in Nigeria. The good news is that it is preventable. Its alarming […]

Motivation Requires Fire

Monday Motivation on Health Volunteers Naija. Motivation Requires Fire When Bob Dylan wrote in his book Chronicles about how much he admired Joan Baez before he met her, he said, “I’d be scared to meet her. I didn’t want to meet her but I knew I would. I was going in the same direction even […]