World Humanitarian Day 2018

HEALTH OUTREACH & CHARITY FAIR 0.1 The World Humanitarian Day 2018 did not pass without recognition as the Health Volunteers Naija worked in collaboration with House of Annie J Foundation while also partnering with some other organizations; Medglobe Volunteers, Haima Health, Warrior Story Ng, Sickle Cell Aid Foundation (SCAF) & Universal Volunteers to host a […]


You and Your Mental Health – Akeem Gbadamosi Mental health problems can affect the way you think, feel and behave. Some mental health problems are described using words that are in everyday use, for example depression or anxiety. This can make them seem easier to understand, but can also mean people underestimate how serious they […]

#FundNaijaHealth – MamayeE4A plays the striking role!

MAMAYE SPEARHEADS CAMPAIGN FOR CHANGE IN THE NIGERIA HEALTH SECTOR Nigeria, typically referred as the giant of Africa and seemingly, Africa’s biggest economy is a country to focus on. More recently, the ERGP has been a focal point with particular discussions relating to “Investing in the people of Nigeria”. With so bogus a budget year […]

This culture kills, Beware!

Silence kills, beware! Who will I tell? Who will listen to me? Who will help me? Is this a dream? I want to wake up from this nightmare😭 My heart is about to explode. I am in pain, I feel can’t bear it anymore. Yet I still get up, dress up and show up, as […]

Self Medication…..Why flee?

SELF MEDICATION…. a negative health trend –Mary Ogunlade When We consider the amount of money spent on a visit to the doctors, lab tests, drugs, scans, drips, transport and even the time and stress involved, we find that it is easier to just take a walk to the local drug store armed with a list […]

Anxiety, clear road to Dementia?

Could anxiety lead to dementia? By Ana Sandoiu Fact checked by Tim Newman A recent study suggests that living with moderate to severe anxiety in midlife may lead to dementia in later years. The new research was carried out by a team of scientists led by Amy Gimson, a researcher at the University of Southampton’s […]

SDGs…..Did you forget?

Reminder on Sustainable Development Goals -Akeem Gbadamosi In the year 2000, the World Leaders reached an agreement on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) brought a new dimension on the understanding of poverty and related policies. The MDGs introduced a powerful and digestive narrative of development appealing to publics and parliaments for fundraising towards development assistance. […]

#BeatMalaria with SDGs ACT Lagos

Together we can #BeatMalaria. As part of activities to mark the World Malaria Day 2018. Health Volunteers Naija partners with SDGs ACT Lagos Chapter to hold a tweetchat by 20:00 Hrs GMT+1 on “Malaria in Nigeria, which way forward?” WHO recommends partnership in promoting health information. This partnership is key to our objectives as we […]


This animal kills more people in a day than sharks do in a century April 23, 2018 – Bill Gates Mosquitoes keep me up at night. If you ask someone about what things scare people the most, there’s a list of usual suspects: shark attacks, heights, enclosed spaces, etc. Mosquitoes usually don’t make the cut—but […]

Recap of World Health Day Article

Nigeria: the pathway for a healthy people Today, 7th April is recognised by the World Health Organization as the World health day. This year, the WHO has coined a theme which is in line with the global advocacy for actualization of SDG 3 (Good health and well being). This article, written for the SDGs ACT […]