Have you ever spoken up in a room, and people began to move away from you? Ewwww. They begin to make these faces and cover their noses before that stench from your mouth kills everyone🤣. I have never been in this situation. I hope you don’t get there too. In fact, I don’t want you to get there. That is why we are going to talk about halitosis. I am as concerned about your oral health as I am of mine.
Lack of oral hygiene is the most common factor responsible for bad breath. It is true that halitosis- bad breath, has other complex causes, but one might just be lacking the basic thing and that is oral hygiene.
Oral hygiene is the practice of keeping one’s mouth free of diseases and stench, by regular cleaning and care of the mouth. Doesn’t look hard, does it?
Key words are:clean and care.
You do not just ram a toothbrush into your throat, and start digging- for what exactly?
Neither do you rub toothpaste over your teeth, rinse it off and feel you have cleaned.
Take time to work across the teeth, behind, and the tongue. No area has to be left out. Clean clean clean.

Professionals advise we spend about 2 minutes cleaning, to allow the fluoride work around the teeth.
A cup of water, toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste always does the magic. Flossing goes a long way too, it eliminates little pieces of food in between each tooth, that tooth brushes may not reach. Stale bits of food in between the teeth can also give off bad odours.
When would you start cleaning? Or you enjoy bad breath so much?

Nneoma Uche is a student and contents writer. She wears many hats.

In her words,
“I’m in love with Pictures and Words. They take me to places I may never be. I
Live, Eat, Repeat” 😊


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