ILERA AGBOYI: Health and Wellness Project for Communities in Agboyi

Background: The Agboyi Township is an isolated, underserved riverine area in Lagos. The townships hosts a population of over 1.5 Million people spread across 3 major communities; Agboyi 1, Agboyi 2, Agboyi 3 and other adjoining communities. This township has a single community health centre serving all the communities. The health centre has no Doctor and is run mainly by Nurses and social workers. The Health centre works 8-hourly only on weekdays. The unavailability of the Health centre on a 24-hourly basis has made life difficult for residents of these communities especially those living with chronic diseases and those with ailments that may snowball into a medical emergency. Also, the isolation of the town is a major contributor to the poor economic status of many residents. A large number of respondents claimed to have been sick at least once in the past 6 months and could not access quality care. There are a large number of children who look malnourished in this community. This is due to problems relating to hunger, poverty and poor nutrition. Over 90% of houses in the town lack toilet facilities and they openly defecate into the lagoon which serves other purposes essential to their livelihood. This includes bathing, washing of clothes and dishes and sadly, drinking for some who cannot afford to buy water.


Our Project Objective: Project Ilera Agboyi is a holistic project aimed at alleviating the problems with access to healthcare, promoting healthy living, supporting persons living with chronic diseases with resources to better manage their health, providing food relief to the most vulnerable families, empowering mothers and child care-givers with nutrition education to tackle child malnutrition and reduce the risks of child and maternal mortality.


Key Project Activities:

Medical Outreaches & Community Health Education Campaigns: This is to involve general medical consultation, hepatitis screening, HIV screening, malaria tests, blood glucose tests, blood pressure checks, BMI & eye screening. These will be followed by drug treatments, referrals, dietary intervention & formation of support group for chronic disease patients. Genuinely struggling patients who are referred to secondary care will be supported with funds for treatment.

Nutrition Education: Educating the community residents on ways to improve their nutrition and adopt healthier lifestyle habits for prevention and management of non-communicable and lifestyle diseases such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes and cancer. This will happen side by side with the Medical Outreaches.

Food demonstration for mothers and child care-givers: Educate mothers and child care-givers about the importance of quality nutrition in raising well-nourished and healthy children. The session will also show mothers how to fortify and prepare nourishing meals for their infants and young children with locally available foods from within their community.

First Aid Trainings: This is to provide basic first aid training to members of the community to equip them with knowledge to handle medical emergencies.

Food and Household materials distribution to most vulnerable: This is a mission to alleviate hunger. We will provide raw food items to at least 400 vulnerable families from within the communities.

Business support for struggling mothers: This is a poverty alleviation effort aimed at empowering at least 2 persons per community with financial resources and knowledge to boost their income and in the end, enjoy a better life.

This Fundraiser is to raise funds to provide medication, test kits, food supplies and training to 2,000 beneficiaries across the Agboyi Township. Support us to make a difference in the lives of 2,000 people who ordinarily would not afford to get quality care, food and sustainable information to help them make healthy lifestyle choices.


Agboyi needs you

We need 1,000 people to donate 1,000 Naira. Your 1,000 Naira may be enough to keep someone alive. Donate to support the project by clicking  here