Hypertension is a condition that occurs when your blood pressure increases to unhealthy levels. It affects one billion people worldwide, or one in four adults, and is the number one risk factor for death globally, according to reports from the World Heart Federation.

Hypertension is particularly challenging because it is an asymptomatic, silent killer and often remains hidden until caught during monitoring or evidenced in a hypertension-associated disease such as heart failure or stroke. Undiscovered and untreated, hypertension significantly increases the risk of developing cardiovascular, brain, and kidney diseases. It accounts for about half of all heart disease- and stroke-related deaths worldwide. 

In Nigeria, there is a high prevalence of hypertension and a corresponding low awareness of the disease. Several studies have also shown that amongst persons diagnosed of hypertension, a large number do not adhere to medication advice, dietary advice nor adopt advice on daily, healthy, lifestyle choices as prescribed by professionals. This is sometimes due to improvement in their conditions and in the case of worsening health, psychological issues like anxiety, depression and low mindfulness.


The HHOCP will create a safe space for hypertension patients to manage their condition without exposure to any form of discrimination. This project will also provide emotional support to patients who have lost hold of their psychological health as a result of difficulties in coping with hypertension management. Using a telehealth approach, the project will connect patients with a platform to interact with various medical professionals who will play significant roles in offering sustainable health education and hypertension management enlightenment sessions from time to time. The project will also assign persons with case-management difficulties to physicians for direct monitoring and advisory on a quarterly basis. Reports of such assignments will be collected from time to time to assess professionals who have been most beneficial to improving the patients health.

The primary objective of HHOCP is to improve hypertension management and blood pressure among patients who have been clinically diagnosed with hypertension. The HHOCP will ensure that all beneficiaries adopt healthy lifestyle choices in their daily life activities and are able to self-manage hypertension without complications within six months of onboarding.


Project beneficiaries will be primarily from two sources:

  1. Hypertension patients identified during the organisation’s community medical outreaches
  2. Patients who indicate their willingness to join the community via filling the beneficiaries application dataform.


The project will be a continuous project of the organisation but will be reviewable on a 2-year basis. It is safe to say that HHOCP will run for two years in the first instance. 


Project activities will include:

  1. Onboarding of Medical Professionals (½ yearly)
  2. Onboarding of Patients (quarterly)
  3. Weekly Health Education Sessions with Q&A
  4. Setting of daily and weekly health challenge for patients to engage in
  5. Assignment of patients to Medical professionals for follow-up
  6. Collection of patients and medical professionals evaluation report quarterly
  7. Supporting indigent patients with Blood Pressure monitors
  8.  Recognition of highly performing Medical professionals
  9. Sharing of success stories of patients


The project will be evaluated using the Questionnaires which would be administered on beneficiaries before the intervention, at the end of the first quarter and at the end of the first six months. 

Patients who have attained reasonable success in putting their blood pressure in check during the period will be recognized and awarded to encourage them to sustain adoption of all the beneficial learnings that have assisted them on their journey.