Hypertension; The Silent Killer

INTRODUCTION Hypertension or High blood pressure as many know it is a “silent killer” that has remained a serious health challenge and grossly misunderstood condition in this part of the World and largely across the globe. It is a chronic condition where the pressure in the blood vessels remain persistently high usually from 140/90mmHg and […]

It’s time for Health for All

It’s World Health Day 2023!!! The year’s theme is “Health for All”. This aims to broaden the conversations and enhance actions that will birth universal healthcare, a situation where everyone is able to access healthcare regardless of their ages, gender, colour, race, physical or mental ability, religion and socio-economic status. While I dream of a […]

The Role of Youth in Healthy lifestyle Practices

Youths are not just leaders in politics but leaders in Healthy lifestyle. Setting examples for younger ones and giving support to the elderly. On this year’s International Youth Day, it’s important to share the roles that youths have to play in promoting healthy lifestyle for a better planet. During youthful age, men and women are […]