Silence kills, beware!

Who will I tell?
Who will listen to me?
Who will help me?
Is this a dream?
I want to wake up from this nightmare😭

My heart is about to explode.
I am in pain, I feel can’t bear it anymore.
Yet I still get up, dress up and show up, as if all is well.

Yes! I am silent, but behind my silence is a powerful scream.
Silence became the legacy of my childhood trauma

I hate getting flashbacks of my childhood, I don’t ever want to remember it.
But the scar keeps reminding me of it.

Until I learnt to see beauty in my scar.
Above all I survived, I am a survivor.
Many didn’t survive it!

Being betrayed from the one who ought to protect me.
He stole my innocence but not my spirit to survive.

Child sexual abuse is real,
Help a child speak up.

Adebara Adebimpe

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