Two years ago, I joined an outreach in sagamu which was aimed at getting people to know their HIV status. While free tests were available, a number of people shied away because they believed they weren’t susceptible to it (lemme roll my eyes here) some others felt taking the test meant they didn’t trust their partners, a few were plainly just scared of the possible outcome and no amount of cajoling could convince them.

Why am I doing this flashback? Because two years down the line, I had a conversation with a friend from FHI and it’s suprising that there is still high incidence of hiv/aids infection. According to him, they see new cases daily and I’m like… Even with all the advocacy done here and there and interventions to curb the menace?

But truth is, sometimes we are our own problem. We hide away from the truth and often hide under religion. Yes, Religion! some people still believe HIV is spiritual!! Dear Jesus! Let me not even dwell on this one.

When awareness programs are done, people act like they have gotten what is said but we don’t exactly put them to practice. An average African won’t want to disclose his/her sex life so as to get proper counselling. While Playing safe is important, knowing your HIV/AIDS status is importanter!

While sex is a major method of transmission, it isn’t the only one! Let’s pay attention to others too like sharp objects! Please guard all sharp objects you own jealousy! DO. NOT. SHARE!

so why the noise? It’s because an HIV free generation is possible and it begins with you and I taking the first step of knowing our HIV status.

Free HIV/AIDS test are available in almost all general hospitals and do not take long. You get your results instanta!

#knowyourstatus, what you don’t know can kill you!

Mary Ogunlade is an SDGs advocate, Health Educator & Volunteer with Health Volunteers Naija

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