The first time I visited a dentist, I was shocked at the activities that were going on in my mouth- which I had no knowledge of. Prior to this time, I had downplayed dental visits so much, because “Why visit a dentist when I haven’t got a swollen gum or anything?”
The importance of regular dental check-ups can not be overemphasized.

Dentists are trained Medical personnel, and can see what the rest of us do not. Not all oral problems stem from poor oral hygiene-although it is a basic factor.

What then goes down during a dental visit?
It has two parts to it – the examination
– the cleaning (oral prophylaxis)
The dentist checks the gums for signs of inflammation, the teeth for cavities, the throat and tongue.
When cleaning, the process carried out is called scaling, and is done with a special instrument to remove tartar from the teeth. The dentist also uses floss to make sure areas in between the teeth are clean.
Dental visits are recommended at least twice a year. Make that appointment already!

Piece by Nneoma Uche, Student, Health Enthusiast, lover of arts, words and places


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  1. Prince Peter
    March 22, 2020

    Now, I think I have to visit the dentist. Been years since I did.

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