#FundNaijaHealth – MamayeE4A plays the striking role!

MAMAYE SPEARHEADS CAMPAIGN FOR CHANGE IN THE NIGERIA HEALTH SECTOR Nigeria, typically referred as the giant of Africa and seemingly, Africa’s biggest economy is a country to focus on. More recently, the ERGP has been a focal point with particular discussions relating to “Investing in the people of Nigeria”. With so bogus a budget year […]

This culture kills, Beware!

Silence kills, beware! Who will I tell? Who will listen to me? Who will help me? Is this a dream? I want to wake up from this nightmare😭 My heart is about to explode. I am in pain, I feel can’t bear it anymore. Yet I still get up, dress up and show up, as […]

Self Medication…..Why flee?

SELF MEDICATION…. a negative health trend –Mary Ogunlade When We consider the amount of money spent on a visit to the doctors, lab tests, drugs, scans, drips, transport and even the time and stress involved, we find that it is easier to just take a walk to the local drug store armed with a list […]

Anxiety, clear road to Dementia?

Could anxiety lead to dementia? By Ana Sandoiu Fact checked by Tim Newman A recent study suggests that living with moderate to severe anxiety in midlife may lead to dementia in later years. The new research was carried out by a team of scientists led by Amy Gimson, a researcher at the University of Southampton’s […]

SDGs…..Did you forget?

Reminder on Sustainable Development Goals -Akeem Gbadamosi In the year 2000, the World Leaders reached an agreement on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) brought a new dimension on the understanding of poverty and related policies. The MDGs introduced a powerful and digestive narrative of development appealing to publics and parliaments for fundraising towards development assistance. […]

#BeatMalaria with SDGs ACT Lagos

Together we can #BeatMalaria. As part of activities to mark the World Malaria Day 2018. Health Volunteers Naija partners with SDGs ACT Lagos Chapter to hold a tweetchat by 20:00 Hrs GMT+1 on “Malaria in Nigeria, which way forward?” WHO recommends partnership in promoting health information. This partnership is key to our objectives as we […]


This animal kills more people in a day than sharks do in a century April 23, 2018 – Bill Gates Mosquitoes keep me up at night. If you ask someone about what things scare people the most, there’s a list of usual suspects: shark attacks, heights, enclosed spaces, etc. Mosquitoes usually don’t make the cut—but […]

Recap of World Health Day Article

Nigeria: the pathway for a healthy people Today, 7th April is recognised by the World Health Organization as the World health day. This year, the WHO has coined a theme which is in line with the global advocacy for actualization of SDG 3 (Good health and well being). This article, written for the SDGs ACT […]

Building the bridges!

Health Volunteers Naija has really been into a lot in our sincere efforts to enhance community health. Our twitter and Instagram handles, : @vol4healthnaija speaks volumes of our works for humanity. Salutation to the people who have volunteered their time, strength, money and voice in being a part of the impact making process. Find below […]